Modification of Final Judgement in Hollywood, FL

After final judgments and paperwork are filed, modifications may need to be made. For example, child support fluctuates depending on the income of the spouses and the age of the child. Visitation may shift with time, and one may even want to adjust alimony. To modify these arrangements, one needs to petition the court. This is where Ronald P. Hansen can help.

Hansen understands the likelihood of a judge approving a chance in custody or visitation. This could happen if a parent relocates or if economic circumstances change (i.e. the loss or gain of a job). A parent could stabilize his or her situation and request increased visitation or joint-custody, or a parent may have some financial issues and may need to temporarily delay alimony or child support payments.

Hansen understands how to draft and file all necessary paperwork. Additionally, he can advise people of their chances when fighting for increased visitation or custody or looking to revise support details. Having an experienced lawyer as a resource ensures people know what to expect from this process.

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