Hollywood Domestic Violence Attorney

Getting out of a violent relationship is easier said than done. Ronald P. Hansen is there for clients who want to make the first move out of such a situation. This is a chance to escape a bad situation and get help.

Hansen understands how Florida law works when it comes to domestic violence cases. For example, people can seek protection in the form of temporary and permanent injunctions or restraining orders. This is an option for married couples, boyfriends and girlfriends, and anyone that is in a relationship that has become violent or unsafe.

An experienced lawyer like Hansen will keep adults and children safe. He is there to explain people’s rights and how to get out of such situations. Hansen can explain how Florida defines domestic violence: aggravated battery, sexual battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and offenses that result in the injury or even death of a loved one.

Once a restraining order is in place, Hansen will go over this with clients so that they understand what it means. This protects people and empowers them by explaining their rights. Domestic violence can turn deadly fast, which is why it is important to get out fast.

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