Hollywood, FL Contempt and Enforcement Attorney

During a divorce, a number of agreements are made: support, custody, lawyer fees, property division, and income disclosure. If one party refuses to follow an agreement or is dishonest in this process, he or she could be charged with contempt. Ronald P. Hansen is skilled in protecting clients so that their best interests are looked after. He can do everything from defend those accused or contempt to file contempt papers if child support or alimony is not coming in.

It is important to stay on top of obligations. If someone is not sending in child support or fails to disclose income, it is time to talk to Hansen. He will make sure that people get what is rightfully theirs. Hansen has more than 17 years of experience working with contempt and enforcement issues. He understands how to file emergency motions to get child support payments back on track, how to modify child support if a job is lost or income was misreported, and how to work out child custody or timesharing plans.

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